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ZaZaCHAT for Travel Industry

There are few places in the world left to rest. Our world is hurried, long in work and responsibility, and although we covet relaxation and silence, they often elude us.

Vacation, however, is one such place. The act of simply planning a trip brings butterflies to our bellies and excitement to our souls. Amidst our stressful world, our vacation becomes a breath of crisp air. It is a time when we can get the family together, or perhaps a friend alone, and simply relax.

ZaZaChat knows that there are many places to enjoy one’s vacation. We can take in some crystal blue water or admire a coral reef, perhaps visit an ancient ruin or scale the Eiffel Tower. We can admire nature and its rhythms in its true habitat or perhaps read a book by a river in a quaint town. Regardless of where we end up, ZaZaChat believes the planning, which first begins with a budget and an idea, should be neither stressful nor time consuming. By utilizing ZaZaChat live help software on travel agency websites, prospective travelers can get their preliminary questions answered and their holiday options narrowed. Agencies, meanwhile, can reach both local and distant customers anxious to spend some discretionary income and free time.

Meet Michael and Michelle Jones and their four year old son Mark. The family is so looking forward to the summer getaway they are planning. They have decided to cruise the Caribbean for one week but are overwhelmed with all of the options: Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, and Disney. The Jones want to experience the best islands but the web glorifies each one and so they are not sure which islands to visit and which to miss. They also would like a modern ship with good cuisine but one with a family setting and entertainment for Mark.

Michael and Michelle log onto a travel agency website and see a live help button. Rather than search the site alone, they request live and personal help and immediately begin an online conversation with a cruise line specialist. All of their questions regarding ship type and size, cuisine and staff, room price and availability, islands visited and their descriptions, children’s entertainment and care are answered. A comfort level has formed. The couple now knows which line they especially want to cruise, and their search has been narrowed. They are clear and focused on their choice and now can concentrate on price options with the travel agency.

By utilizing ZaZaChat’s technology, travel customers are able to narrow down their vacation options through help with a personal touch. On the flip side ZaZaChat also benefits travel agents by increasing their exposure and broadening ways to acquire new clients.

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