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ZaZaCHAT for Healthcare Industry

ZaZaChat makes helping easy. Web merchants can now find, interact, and help their web based clients quicker and easier using ZaZaChat’s web-based operator control panel and an array of other features.

The tool is a perfect one for our hurried times in which balance and time efficiency have become goal. We live on the go…rising before the sun, packing the kids, running the errands, beating the deadlines…balancing. The more high tech our world becomes, the more distant its citizens grow. Try contacting an established institution when you need assistance and you often immediately reach your first obstacle…being placed on hold.

ZaZaChat believes that holding for help defeats the purpose.

Lets take healthcare for example. Families often relocate in a mobile society such as ours. A new city means new contacts, new schools, new jobs, new friends, and quite importantly, a new network of healthcare providers. Meet the Smiths. They are our new family on the block, and they have a laundry list of To Do’s in their new city. They need to accomplish these objectives quickly so that they can acclimate successfully and enjoy their precious leisure time. Organizing their healthcare network holds top priority on their ToDo list. The local hospital needs to be contacted to have questions answered…insurance, benefits, out of pocket expenses, doctors’ information… and being placed on hold is not an option. Our new family logs on to the hospital website and begins to look for a personal contact. Next to the welcome logo, there is a main hospital number as well as a LiveHelp button through ZaZaChat. Our family does not want an automated and confusing telephone system, so they choose to speak live with a hospital representative who proceeds to help them immediately.

ZaZaChat has helped in the exchange between the hospital and the patient by making a direct and simple line of communication. Our family now has their questions answered and can proceed on their ToDo list with no time wasted.

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