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ZaZaCHAT for Veterinary Clinic / Practice

ZaZaChat knows how important our pets are. These furry, slimy, and sometimes feathery creatures are both friend and relative to their owners. In the care for our pets, we bear the responsibility of loving them, keeping them clean and out of harm’s way, training them so that they fit into our human society, and most importantly maintaining their health.

Fundamental to our pets’ health is an educated owner and a good veterinarian. When a pet falls ill, an owner is faced with a bundle of worry and little knowledge for how to make them better. The veterinarian must be contacted for a visit but little is done to immediately assuage the owner’s worry and the pet’s discomfort. ZaZaChat wants to help both owner and pet by providing live help on veterinary web sites. During either an illness or in the midst of our daily routine, concerns for our furry friends always arise and can be conveniently and quickly addressed with ZaZaChat on any animal hospital website.

Meet Mr. Smith and his dog Simon, a seven-year-old Golden Retriever. Simon, usually quite healthy, has developed a skin condition that causes itching and hair loss. It has begun to spread throughout the dog’s fur, and he is constantly licking and biting himself. Simon is very uncomfortable.

Mr. Smith checks the Internet for possible diagnoses and is faced with a myriad of possibilities. Dermatitis falls in many categories such as environmental, nutritional, parasitic, allergic, neurogenic, and infectious. Mr. Smith is confused and needs help.

He knows that his local veterinary hospital has a web site and logs onto it. There he sees ZaZaChat’s live help button and immediately begins a help session with a veterinary employee who can lessen the owner’s worry by providing immediate and live advice.

Although Simon will ultimately be brought into the hospital for care, ZaZaChat serves as a bridge between Mr. Smith and the veterinarian to help care for Simon.

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