ZaZaChat - Operator Panel Overview. Help Desk, the right way!

ZaZaChat Live Chat Operator Panel is designed with efficiency and productivety in mind.
It has been tested and achieved 92% approval rating in a group of 25 Non-Computer literate people.
This overview will demonstrate how easy it is to use ZaZaChat Operator Panel, and the level of productivity operators using ZaZaChat system can achieve.
ZaZaChat Operator Panel is unique, easy to use and far more advanced than anything ZaZaChat competition has to offer

Visitor/Chat Sessions Tab: Displays Current Activity on the website where ZaZaChat is installed. Chatting, Browsing, Departed visitors and their activity is reported
Requested Calls Tab: Displays All Open, In Progress and Closed Phone Call Requests received from the visitors. Please see "Request a Call" feature overview for more info
Trouble Tickets Tab: Displays All Open, In Progress and Closed Trouble Tickets recorded for the account.
Operators Button: Communicate with other operators on the account. Monitor Operators' Current Activity
Today's Stats: Visits, Views and Chat Sessions Stats are updated every 15 seconds
Visitor State: Chatting, Browsing, Departed. Browsing visitors can be invited to chat proactively
Returning Visitor Indicator: Returning visitor=Customer/Prospect
Visitor Tags: Assign Tags to your visitors to identify them when they re-visit
Live Support Chat Section
Visitor Info Tab: Displays Visitor Information.
ZaZaKnowledge Tab: Easily Access Your Company's Knowledge Base. Lookup the answer to a question received in chat.
New Ticket Tab: Submit a new Trouble Ticket
Operator Live Chat Tools: Canned Responses, Spell Check, Page Push, Session Transfer, etc. easily accessible by an operator while in chat
Visitor Location: Country, State/Province, City, Zip Code and Area Code are reported for every visitor